I decided on this brief because I thought it would be the one that I had the most success in, but still be one that will challenge my skills and broaden my knowledge. For this project I remember seeing the example in which there is a duck on an adventure and there was a selection of paths that the user could take. It was like it was a multiple choice question, this became apparent to me that this is the style I wanted to create my interactive animation. I decided that i would do some research into the branching method, and this is the technique I would use.

For my story I looked at a selection of short ones, this was to me this was achievable for the time frame we had. I wanted to use one that I knew quite well and one that I had read a few times. This is what lead me to look at the collection by Angela Carter. I decided to use ‘The Snow Child’, as I already found that it had clear stages and sparked ideas to add other paths straight away.

For the animation I knew I wanted to create something that was emotive and a bit dark like the original story. I knew it had links with Snow White, therefore I looked at Disney’s characters for inspiration. When I was thinking of creating original images, I was considering how they would be dark and how I could create them all in the small time frame, this is when I decided to use chalk in black as this was something I have previously dappled in. However when I came to thinking how I would add movement to these I realised that this may not be the best technique, so I was lead to the computer to mimic a similar style digitally. I am pleased with how the imagery has turned out i think it has created an emotional and striking group of images. I am also very pleased with the building up effect I created by saving stages of the imagery. Personally my favourite imagery is off the Snow Child, however I am happy with how they all turned out. One imagery group I am not that pleased with is the Count and Countess I feel it does not fit in with the group and style I have used in other images.

When it came to adding sound I knew I wanted something that was instrumental, and without a build up in the music. I looked at all types of music, but found nothing I felt suited. Then i looked to the movies, and to the terrific Hans Zimmer. All of his music is so powerful and captivating. I used a track that he did for the movie Inception. This track unfortunately had the build up that I didn’t want, but I knew I felt that this piece fitted so well so I edited it in Audition, which allowed me to explore the software in a bit more detail and to learn during the process.

After putting the images in, adding the options, doing the coding and adding the background music, something as still missing. I knew I wanted the story playing along side the imagery my first thought was to add a running text, however I decided that I did not want to draw the eye away from the imagery at all, as this as the main focus for the animation. Thus I decided to use a spoken narration, alongside the backing track. I think that this is successful, because now the viewer can looking solely at the art work.

Overall I am pleased with this Interactive Animation. I am happy when I challenge my skills and learn valuable new ones.


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