Peer Review

Once we had all crated our presentations we then posted them to the VLE to recieve and give feedback. This will help me to understand where my idea is successful and where it is unsuccessful.

Some feedback I was given:

“I really like the idea you have and I think you have researched it all very well, but i worry from watching your powerpoint that it sounded like you were reading from paper. Which theres nothing wrong with but it comes across that your not fully understanding your own project and what you hope to do because of this.

Really great idea though, i just hope it works how you decribe it too!” – Rob

” The timing of your presentation is great.  I really like your idea and you’ve put a lot of research into it. You’ve explained in great detail what exactly you’re planning on doing which is great and I’m looking forward to seeing it once it’s done. ” – Sammi

Feedback that I gave:

Kieran’s: “Hey, looks like you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. I dunno if it was just me put I wasn’t that sure on how you are going animate the images you had drawn. Otherwise it looks like you are confident with your idea, and i think with all your planning it could work well.”

Rob’s: “This idea seems to be a lot more achievable, then your original. I am not sure on how the adding of doodles helps move the story on. I think it may distract from the story a little bit.”

Sammi’s: “I think its good that your thinking about how this will benefit your future. You seem to have a confident idea. I was just wondering if you were going to make this interactive in anyway? To show the skills you have learned.”




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