To take a break from the imagery I decided to have a look into some sound that I might like to use. I knew I wanted something instrumental, as there would be some reading in the piece so having lyrics would distract from this. I also wanted something emotive and mystical.

From my previous research I found I was drawn to these two songs:

Florence + the Machine’s “Breath of Life”

Evanescence’s “Snow White Queen”

However I feel that both of these tracks are building up to something, whereas I think in my work I would like something that stayed at a similar level. Also they do not create the sort of emotion I would like, they create this idea of power and strength, this is not really the case for the story I choose.

Other sounds I looked at are:

Jack Savoretti’s ‘Catapult’

Foxes ‘Devil Side’

 I still feel that the search must continue as I have not found the most appropriate song. However one thought that I will now ponder on is having a narrator instead of using text.


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