After trying to compete another imagery in the style I had, I realised that it was taking to long and that I need to slightly alter my approach. I decided to go with a more minimalistic look, and have more clear space. This is something I had seen before, I liked how the darkness of  the background goes with the darkness in the story.

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I have been working on putting together the imagery digitally. This is because I wanted to add movement and some sort of animation to the piece, so I think it would be the best way to this. I have been trying a technique that involves building an image with photoshop tools, but saving individual images through out the stages. This makes it look like the image is been creating once animated.

Here is my first attempt:

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I am happy with this technique and they way it had turned out. Considering this was my first try at doing something like this. One of the challenges I may face moving forward is to keep all the imagery in a similar style.



I have decided that I will start creating a sort of template in flash, so that when I have all the images created all i will have to do is drop them into the movie clip. This will then allow me to focus on the sound.

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I am getting the trick coding bit out of the way, then I can focus on creating the imagery so that it is emotive but also animated.

I have stumbled across a problem with the layer and options, when you click yes it will move to the desired frame, but will play the options for no as well. This is due to the layering and this is something I will need to look into fixing.

Chalk Sketches

I thought it would be best to have a quick go at the style I desired to create the images in.

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My attempts, show me that this is going to take too much time to gather images that are of the quality I desire. Also the image maybe emotive, but they will always be static, therefore I may create them on the computer so that I am able to animate them slightly. I have also been inspired to look into a minimalist approach.

Appearance of Options:

Here I just had a quick go at creating what I imagine the options frame to look like. I wanted to use a typeface that I felt was in keeping with the theme. In these option I will use, monochrome and red, keeping within the image style I have decided to use. I will most likely use a black background as I will be working on black paper to create the chalk and charcoal imagery.

Options Layouts

Pecha Kucha and Ignite Presentation

I was introduced to these styles in a lecture, the Pecha Kucha style is based on a presentation that is of 20 slides and you get 20 seconds for each slide. Whereas in the Ignite Presentation you have 20 slides but only have 15 seconds for each slide.

The challenge was to see if we had enough knowledge for our idea and whether the idea is well understood.

In my presentation I made a speech to be recorded, this helped me plan my time, it also meant that I could get someone else to read it, so here is my sister.

Here is my Presentation: