Elevator Presentation

We where given the task to give and Elevator Presentation, an elevator presentation is a pitch that should be given within a minute, this is roughly 150 words long. The pitch is meant to show your confidence in your idea and to be able to sell the concept well.

My Elevator Pitch (okay so I may have gone over by 4 words, but the idea is there) :

My idea is an Interactive Animation based on a short story by Angela Carter called ‘The Snow Child’. The story has a connection with the original Snow White fairytale, but has a dark twist. It also includes references form the Grimm Brothers: ‘Snow White’. I will most likely create the animation in flash, as I have previously used this software and feel I may have an idea of what techniques I will use to create the final piece. Using the branching method I will be able to create a variation of options to move the story on. The imagery will be based on a monochrome palette with hints of red. The medium I am leaning towards using is chalk and charcoal or I may create something similar digitally. The music I would use will be subtle and create a mystical atmosphere. The music will also represent the dark and unusual aspect to the book.

During my pitch a few people wrote some notes, so that I could see if they got the pitch and the idea. Here is what they wrote:


  • Snow White
  • Dark Tale
  • Interactive Animation
  • Branching Method
  • Dark, gross
  • chalk or digitally
  • musical atmosphere.


  • Based on dark Snow White
  • Interactive animation
  • branching method
  • monochrome theme
  • Chalk and charcoal
  • subtle, mystical music.


  • Snow Child
  • Dark
  • Interactive Story
  • Branching Method
  • Grimm Brothers
  • Monochrome
  • Chalk
  • Texture

After receiving the feedback I realised that I have an idea that I am confident in and can explain well to others.


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