What makes a good Interactive Story:

-To evoke emotion.

-To be interesting and captivating.

-Include the technique of branching.

-It does not have to be linear.

-There are often lots of little options.

-It can explore multiple ideas that connect to the story, but may not necessary move the story on.

-The use of aporia and epiphany.

Aporia and Epiphany are the devices used to move the interactivity further and to continue the story.

Aporia: The expression of doubt about what to say or do.

Epiphany: A moment of sudden revelation or realisation.


Story Structure:


A narrative includes a basic structure, that can be seen in nearly all interactive or text stories. Each point represents a part of the narrative and the tension that is developed. The rise is the aporia and the drop represents the development of a epiphany.


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