Initial Research: Brief 1, Labyrinths and mazes

I gained a wide knowledge about the differences and styles of mazes and labyrinths form this website. I found I understood the way in which I could use this designs, within my interactive design, using the knowledge I had learnt from this website.

Maze:  A design that must have choices in the pathway.


Labyrinth: A design that only has one pathway that leads inexorably from the entrance to the goal.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 09.44.09.png


The most famous labyrinth is found in Greek mythology: Designed by Daedalus for King Minos of Knossos to contain the ferocious Minotaur (a half-man and half-bull monster).  (

Another believe of what a labyrinth is can be found within the believes of  The Hopi Indians of North America they used the labyrinth as a symbol for Mother Earth known today as the “Classical Seven-Path Labyrinth.” ( 

Digital Examples:

This digital example, is an online game that require you to complete actions in a certain way. The game uses the structure of a labyrinth as it only had one outcome, one way to succeed. The challenges that you need to complete is an example of aporia and the finish is the epiphany. Therefore linking to a good narrative structure.

This example is quite a literal example of a maze, however it is a good example as it helps to define a maze and show how it can be designed to be interactive.




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