Brief 1: Interactive Application or Animation sequence

Using the idea of the Labyrinth, create a game, an interactive application or short animation sequence that explores the idea of getting lost, epiphany and resolution.  The outcome should be suitable for a gaming website and appeal to adults. You may use whichever technology you wish but the final outcome must be manageable on a website (ie file size and type are important). All of the artwork for this project must be original and produced exclusively by you. You can use a mixture of still images, animation and video.

Brief 2. Interactive storytelling brief. 

In this brief you will research a variety of stories and explore alternative outcomes other than those encompassed by the story itself.  The idea that the story is a linear object has been disrupted by recent technology where users are able control the content. This affords designers an opportunity to develop narratives that can explore new ways of storytelling using ‘branching’ techniques most commonly found in game design.

You will need to re-present a story of your choosing adding significantly different outcomes than the original story. These outcomes can appear anywhere in the storyline and it will be based on choices made by the end user.


Brief 3 Portfolio Responsive Website

Create a web solution for your professional portfolio. This can be in any style you wish but you should use relevant technology as well as designing a site that is scalable (you will want and need to add content to it in the future). It is also advisable to create a responsive site that will work across multiple platforms.


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