Mood Board

After seeing if my initial idea would work, I went on to create a mood board. This mood board focuses on the appearance and sound of the short story. The mood board shows imagery from other artist, so please follow the links to see more of their work. This mood board is a way of putting together all my inspiration, therefore I can look back it if I ever feel stuck or uninspired.

Mood Board

The links from the mood board:


Interesting article on the music history of Snow White.

Florence + the Machine’s “Breath of Life”

Evanescence’s “Snow White Queen”


Daniel Kordek

Anka Zhuravela

Duncan Rawlinson


Guy Denning

Annie Stru

Gabriel Moreno


Elevator Presentation

We where given the task to give and Elevator Presentation, an elevator presentation is a pitch that should be given within a minute, this is roughly 150 words long. The pitch is meant to show your confidence in your idea and to be able to sell the concept well.

My Elevator Pitch (okay so I may have gone over by 4 words, but the idea is there) :

My idea is an Interactive Animation based on a short story by Angela Carter called ‘The Snow Child’. The story has a connection with the original Snow White fairytale, but has a dark twist. It also includes references form the Grimm Brothers: ‘Snow White’. I will most likely create the animation in flash, as I have previously used this software and feel I may have an idea of what techniques I will use to create the final piece. Using the branching method I will be able to create a variation of options to move the story on. The imagery will be based on a monochrome palette with hints of red. The medium I am leaning towards using is chalk and charcoal or I may create something similar digitally. The music I would use will be subtle and create a mystical atmosphere. The music will also represent the dark and unusual aspect to the book.

During my pitch a few people wrote some notes, so that I could see if they got the pitch and the idea. Here is what they wrote:


  • Snow White
  • Dark Tale
  • Interactive Animation
  • Branching Method
  • Dark, gross
  • chalk or digitally
  • musical atmosphere.


  • Based on dark Snow White
  • Interactive animation
  • branching method
  • monochrome theme
  • Chalk and charcoal
  • subtle, mystical music.


  • Snow Child
  • Dark
  • Interactive Story
  • Branching Method
  • Grimm Brothers
  • Monochrome
  • Chalk
  • Texture

After receiving the feedback I realised that I have an idea that I am confident in and can explain well to others.

Flow Diagram

This link is to a flow diagram I created, to see if my initial idea would work. This flow diagram will allow me to create my interactive story easier. The branching method is something I really wanted to incorporate and use, I think it is perfect for this sort story, by Angela Carter. After creating this diagram I have realised that this could be a successful idea and is achievable.

Flow Diagram

More Research into Interactive Storytelling

I have noticed during my research that interactive story telling is commonly used as a teaching tool, to engage with children:

Here is an example that is aimed toward an older audience:

Found: on Creative Review

This interactive example combines fact and fiction, as the content is based on true stories. In this example they use the branching method, which is something that I hope to use. This is a great example for me to refer back to, it is an inspiring piece, that has achieved great success. Hopefully I will be able to achieve a piece that works well and is easy for the viewer to use, just like in this interactive piece.

More examples :

One and One Story

A story with small clips of games that you must complete to continue with the story, not quite a branching example, but shows aporia and epiphany well.


Story Options:

One big positive about this project is that I am able to use a story that I enjoy or one that I can relate to.

I decided that I would choose one of the short stories by Angela Carter, as these are ones I have read before and enjoyed. The book was The Bloody Chamber and a few of the stories I read and looked into are: The Lady of the House of Love, The Tiger Bride and The Snow Child.


The one I decided on using is the ‘The Snow child.’

The story opens in the dead of winter. A Count and Countess are riding horses through freshly-fallen snow when the Count wishes for a girl with: “white skin, red mouth, black hair.”  Carter adapted The Snow Child from a Grimm Brothers version of the story. Carter uses the story to convey how men are perceived to have control over female identity.  This connects with the reader allowing them to discover deeper thoughts and emotions. Another theme is this idea of the girl being controlled and not being free.

I found this analysis on:

“Mary Kaiser writes that the Countess is also a pornographic image in relation to the Count. She belongs to him because she has significance as Countess only in relation to him as Count. He not only buys the clothing she wears, but can dress and undress her at will.” I like how Mary Kaiser has looked into the meanings of actions, that appear to have none in the original text. The idea of the story being a representation of a mans thoughts and sex drive is something that really connects with the story, and connects with the reader.

“Theme of jealousy from its ‘Snow White’ origins and explores aspects of male power and desire.” (

Read the story at:

What makes a good Interactive Story:

-To evoke emotion.

-To be interesting and captivating.

-Include the technique of branching.

-It does not have to be linear.

-There are often lots of little options.

-It can explore multiple ideas that connect to the story, but may not necessary move the story on.

-The use of aporia and epiphany.

Aporia and Epiphany are the devices used to move the interactivity further and to continue the story.

Aporia: The expression of doubt about what to say or do.

Epiphany: A moment of sudden revelation or realisation.


Story Structure:


A narrative includes a basic structure, that can be seen in nearly all interactive or text stories. Each point represents a part of the narrative and the tension that is developed. The rise is the aporia and the drop represents the development of a epiphany.